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Our speciality is your benefit

Our partners have evaluated the advantages of their cooperation with LBM Management and we are proud to see how their businesses are growing. We will be glad if you also become our long-term customer and enjoy the convenience of working with us.

Cooperation with LBM Management means the following:

  • economy of time and resources, because you don’t need tospend your money on a salaried accountant and on providing a workplace, including purchasing and updating expensive software, particularly for accounting records;
  • a team of experts, each of which keeps up to date with the latest news and changes in the respective field in order to be proactive with a proper solution that is the most beneficial for a customer; such a task is beyond the scope of just one accountant;
  • diversification of risks, because we are legally and financially responsible for our work, whereas the consequences of mistakes made by a salaried accountant are inevitably taken on by the company that employs them;
  • a quality service, which cannot be ensured without continuous professional development of our employees or regular auditing of our own processes, which  our company places special emphasis on;
  • an individual approach, based on a detailed investigation of the specific features of your business, which enables us to develop the optimal and the most suitable cooperation plan, assign an experienced specialist to your company and determine a mutually beneficial price offer based on the actual scope of accounting work;
  • confidentiality, because we appreciate the confidence shown to us, and we keep the data entrusted to us strictly confidential; this is why we do not publish information concerning our cooperation with particular companies;
  • modernity, because we familiarise ourselves with new development work and with the latest versions of software related to our specific field ahead of any other non-core organisation, and this enables us to optimise data processing and, at the same time, improve accounting quality at your company.
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