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Andrey Buklovsky

Andrey Buklovsky

Head of the External
Accounting Department

Phone: (+371) 67-33-89-99

Fax: (+371) 67-33-89-99

why choose us?



Pit-Stop is one of the most important elements of the team’s strategy in Formula 1. Using this scheme, we offer high quality, profession and prompt resolution of routine though important tasks faced by your business. Our Pit-Stop is a simultaneous support for accountants, lawyers and tax consultants. Note: you no longer need to spend money on each expert separately!

If the profitability of your business is seasonal, our offer will be especially beneficial for you. You may select any month of free service either the first or any other, and find out that the quality of our work is always exemplary.

What do we offer?

  • registration with tax authorities and subsequent bookkeeping and tax accounting;
  • collection, storage and processing of primary documents;
  • personnel records keeping and payroll tax assessment;
  • preparation and submission of statements to tax and other state departments;
  • and legal and tax advice.

How much is the PIT-STOP?

Our offer costs from EUR 55 per month + VAT.

What is the target audience of our offer?

Companies wishing to optimize and streamline business accounting, as well as entrepreneurs who have recently started or are only planning to open a business.

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