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Valerija Sisojeva

Valerija Sisojeva

Support Specialist

Phone: (+371) 67-33-89-99

Fax: (+371) 67-33-89-89

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LBM Management offers a range of services that are important for business beginners, especially foreign companies, in order to investigate the situation in the Latvian market and to take the first steps of setting up your business without spending a lot of money on office and personnel maintenance.

We are ready to undertake the fulfilment of all crucial tasks related to the administration of business:

  • Provision of a legal business address.
  • Registration of a phone number and processing incoming calls.
  • Services for the translation of documents.
  • Notarial services.
  • Usage of various databases and directories (for example, Lursoft).
  • Any other administrative support within the competence of LBM Management employees and partners.
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