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Andrey Buklovsky

Tax Consultant

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Taxes are viewed easily and clearly

Proper administration of tax liabilities under the conditions of contemporary tax legislation, which can be constantly amended and corrected, is a complicated issue for an ordinary accountant. Considering this fact, LBM Management specialists will always be able to provide practical assistance in relation to any issues of tax imposition.

The main service portfolio for this matter:

  • Tax audit, which consists of a comprehensive independent inspection of your company’s tax activities in the context of conformity with applicable legislation, resulting in final decisions provided by a certified tax consultant with regard to possible tax risks and recommendations for elimination of such risks.
  • Comparison of taxes and estimations with budget in order to identify discrepancies in any tax and charge payments for the avoidance of tax arrears, to avoid fines and any possible punitive penalties.
  • VAT refund, including an analysis of primary documents and contracts, estimation of the existing risks, preparation and submittal of an application for value added tax refund, supporting of possible tax inspection, as well as an assessment of the provided decision.
  • International taxation, for which the application of international agreements for avoiding double taxation is considered particularly important; we shall provide practical assistance for the preparation of tax returns and estimations.
  • Assistance during tax inspections and disputes, which means protecting your interests in the course of in-house tax audits  or on-site tax audits performed by the tax inspectorate, as well as the preliminary inspection of documents and correction of deficiencies, preparation of written objections to tax audit reports and, if necessary, the protection of your interests before higher authorities.
  • Tax planning, which means careful analysis of the existing tax imposition, the development and implementation of tax arrangements, the appliance of prescribed tax allowances, and the regulation and supervision of tax burdens; you will obtain an effective system of tax payments that can guarantee economic and legal security for your company as a result of the tax-optimisation procedure.



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