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Aleksandr Drobat

Aleksandr Drobat

Specialist in disbursement
of EU funds

Phone: (+371) 67-33-89-99

Fax: (+371) 67-33-89-89

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Access to EU funds

Applying for resources offered by EU funds for the development of your business requires relevant skills and knowledge, particularly due to the complexity of the grant scheme. Our experts will provide assistance for the development of the perfect project, and will release it from any bureaucratic hurdles that might prevent you from obtaining the needed co-financing.

To ensure the attraction of financial resources from EU structural funds, LBM Management specialists will do the following:

  • Provide information concerning EU structural funds and governmental support programmes that are available for the particular company.
  • Develop a business plan to ensure the objective evaluation of economic efficiency for the project concept.
  • Draw up an application for project financing in accordance with the conditions set by structural funds and with the requirements of particular programmes.
  • Perform the required procurement procedure.
  • Ensure complete assistance with the project, including accountancy and preparation of reporting documentation.
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