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Aleksandr Drobat

Aleksandr Drobat

Head of the Corporate
Law Department

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Protection of your business interests

By applying a wide range of legal instruments and owing to successful cooperation with specialists working in adjacent fields of activity, such as tax imposition and accounting, the lawyers at LBM Management can offer integrated assistance to domestic and foreign businesses in relation to the development and establishment of a protected business structure.

It should be pointed out that our specialists have a thorough understanding of corporate law as well as practical experience in providing assistance to business organisations not only in Latvia, but also within the territory of the Russian Federation.

The following is the general information concerning our services in the field of corporate law:

  • Incorporation, reorganisation and dissolution of legal entities with various organisational and legal forms.
  • Preparation and introduction of amendments to constituent documents.
  • Registration of trade marks, patents, copyrights and intellectual property; legal assistance for the execution of licences, certificates and other permission documentation.
  • Estimation of investment risks, an overall investigation of the company’s business activities and an integrated examination of the company’s financial status before the business acquisition transaction (Due Diligence).
  • Support for merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.
  • Participation in negotiations with contractors and partners.
  • Development and legal analysis of all kinds of contracts, agreements and other legal documents that are required to ensure current business activities of the company.
  • Representation of your interests in relationships with governmental institutions, authorities and organisations, as well as with executive officers, legal and natural persons.
  • Legal groundwork for labour relations.
  • Assistance in the regulation of corporate conflicts, etc.
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