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Andrey Buklovsky

Andrey Buklovsky

Head of the External
Accounting Department

Phone: (+371) 67-33-89-99

Fax: (+371) 67-33-89-99

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LBM Management offers the widest range of accounting services: from setting up your accounting system to renewing it. Our team will undertake the following work:

  • Setting up the accounting system, including the development of a records system, an accounting scheme, accounting policies and methodical documents.
  • A full package of accounting services, which includes processing and registering primary documents, the recognition of business transactions in accounting registers, executing payment orders using online banking systems, calculating salaries and payroll management, executing and submitting all kinds of accounting reports, tax statements and statistical reports for respective governmental institutions, preparing corporate documentation for head offices, providing consultations on current accounting issues, etc.
  • Bookkeeping for several branches of accounting, which means the administration of any accounting branch, for example: processing of advance reports or preparing zero accounting for companies that have temporarily stopped their business activities.
  • Performance of the chief accountant’s duties, which means providing our customer with a qualified specialist, who will perform proper registration of all necessary business transactions in accounting records and draw up the necessary recording on the basis of primary documentation.
  • Preparation and submittal of annual reports, which involves the development of the complete package of annual reports, as well as essential reports concerning profit and loss statements, shifts in capital, cash flows, accounting balance sheet with its supplement and corporate income tax return. All documents are drawn up in accordance with Latvian legislation and international accounting standards.
  • Renewal of the accounting system, including a detailed analysis of your company’s accounting status based on available documents and automated accounting systems, collecting and processing all necessary primary documentation, renewing accounting entries and performing corrections in the existing accounting and tax registers (if needed), and preparation and submittal of amended tax returns for the required taxable periods.
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